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“I hope to share with you my fascination for the tree’s beauty.

I look with wonder on its longevity, living through historic moments, and continuing its presence in your home.”


John Lore

Founder and front man of Live Edge Design.

Luxury dining tables and functional art by Live Edge Design

Our live edge tables and furniture are custom made from wood slabs on Vancouver Island.

Custom made for residential and hospitality clients everywhere.




The dining table functions as the heart of the home.

A place where family memories are made.

For Live Edge Design, our mission is to handcraft one-of-a-kind tables from locally salvaged trees.

Each unique slab of wood becomes a distinctive piece of furniture. A natural narrative written in each of its rings, knots and organic curves.

We collaborate with our clients to create the finest functional art.

Working closely with a homeowner’s vision and distinct needs, we consult with clients about how the table will be used before drawing sketches and drafts for approval.

Each tree has its own story to tell and the way it is shaped and crafted into a table fosters how stories are told around its unique curves.  Pairing a tree’s natural bends and lines with its book-matched twin can create a beautiful dining configuration to custom fit your space and allow for an intimate dining experience.

Natural edge tables are an artistic statement that can anchor a space and offer a soothing natural aesthetic. Live Edge Design dining tables blend well in a range of styles from West Coast modern to classic or traditional. Visit our Cowichan Valley studio to see masterful craftsmanship at work where they create statement furniture that will last for generations.