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This month we celebrated our 17th birthday as Live Edge Design!

Our business actually started under the name Pickle Ridge Rustic

Carpentry in 1993. Back then, we specialized in making log furniture but

after a devastating fire in 2005, we changed locations and

officially became Live Edge Design Inc. in January 2006.


In my infancy at Live Edge Design I recall a road trip to

Saltspring Island to deliver a table we’d designed with the clients from a tree

that had fallen in a snowstorm. The connection between the tree,

the people that helped shape it and the people that now

dine around it daily has taken root in my core.


When I think of all the beautiful pieces that exist in the world because

of our team and how this creates  joy for our clients,

it drives me to find ways to stay relevant and be here for the next 17 years and beyond.


To our beloved customers – thank you for your continued

support and faith in us throughout the years.



From Donna and all 20 of us who are currently here

as well as the 58 staff members and 6 student placements who came before.

walnut slab dining table
Whistler with BC Wood
walnut slab dining table
walnut slab dining table
walnut slab dining table
walnut slab dining table
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Favorite Creations of the Past

walnut slab dining table
walnut slab dining table
walnut slab dining table
walnut slab dining table
walnut slab dining table

Favorite Memories 

“The best experiences I have had in my 11+ years of employment at Live Edge are

the people I work with, I’m hard pressed to think of another place I have

worked that had such a great team! I have also enjoyed my career advancement

and constant learning of new machines and materials. A great side benefit is

being able to make products from locally sourced and beautiful wood.”

                                               ~ Ari 


“One of my favorite memories in the past 16 years was

when I got to help design and install a set of driftwood double bunk beds

on a privately owned beach island back in 2008. It was a very challenging,

custom project that turned out beautifully and getting to help with the installation

(it was a built-in unit with stairs in the middle) was so memorable!”

                                                 ~ Katie 


“It is so hard for me to pinpoint a specific memory from my 16 years at Live Edge.

There are snapshots of joy tucked in my data stores from connecting with clients

(times when the line between client and friend have blurred) working and

collaborating with staff members who feel like family (and are if you count my

husband the Wood Supply Manager) and discovering new facts about trees and the wood grain they produce.”

                                                   ~ Donna


“I remember the big funky crazy stuff. One of my favorites

was the big round burl piece. I’m 6′-4″ and standing up next to it,

I only came up halfway. Must have been eight feet in diameter easily.

It actually broke the slab flipper! I don’t take pictures any more,

you know (mostly because I’ve seen it all) but if I did, you’d have been impressed!”



“Mine’s a bit funny. After working in the back shop for so long,

I eventually noticed that every single person, when pulling empty carts

to different stations through the shop, would ride on the carts like

they’re catching a wave on a surf board. Every. Single. Person.”

                                                ~ Alice 

C E L E B R A T E !

We have a special announcement!!

We are proud to be the sponsor for the Art in Business Black

Tie Award, an award that we had the pleasure of winning in 2015.

The Duncan Chamber of Commerce invites you to nominate a deserving

individual or organization for the 24th annual Black Tie Awards,

ceremony to be held in May 2023.

Please click the image below and vote for your favorite business organization

or individual you feel deserves a Black Tie Award.

Nominations close January 31st at midnight!