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Live Edge Living Room Furniture


Custom living room and lounge furniture made to measure, including coffee, console and end tables.

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Why Solid Wood Living Room Furniture?

The solid wood, live edge, west coast design style is all about the interplay between bold color and natural materials. It’s about going back to basics and giving contemporary design a serious overhaul.

What makes Live Edge living room furniture so appealing though is that you’re not sacrificing functionality for style.

The end result is functional art. Coffee tables that will charm your guests and store your jigsaw puzzle, side tables that hold your book or your coffee (and look damn good doing it, whilst not stubbing your toes when you get up to refill that coffee), and sofa tables that could drop any jaw…but that also store your pop-up TV screen!


Add a Touch of the Wild to Your Living Room With Live Edge Living Room Furniture

Living Room Furniture made from solid wood (and we mean solid, all the way through, 100% tree) a designed to last a lifetime.

Western and North American woods offer spectacular grain and durability and can be sourced without having to harvest healthy trees.

Bring the natural surroundings if your home, into your home interior design and feel good about doing it!

Live Edge living room furniture can be custom sized and custom designed to suit your needs and  tastes from wild west coast to sleek mid-century modern and so much more

Wood in its natural, solid form likes to move, warp and twist (if left to it’s own devices). We’ve developed a strict drying regime and a reinforcement system that will keep our coffee table top flat and functional for many, many years.. 

Our durable, commercial grade clear finish is low sheen, showcasing the beauty of the wood but it also allows you to place a hot cup of coffee straight onto the wood…seriously….no coasters required.

We’ve tested our finish, pitting it against spilt red wine, a piping hot, straight from the bodum coffee cup, and mustard. The coffee table top won against the spilt wine and hot coffee but stained from the turmeric in the mustard (easily removed with magic eraser).


Creating custom art for your home is an experience.



We want to make sure we get it just right.


You can call or email us at any time and ask for image of slabs at certain sizes or with certain design elements and we will email you images of wood that we have available—you’ll be able to see the exact wood that will make your table top helping to alleviate some of the fear of purchasing a custom piece of furniture.



Please see below for an example ordering experience.


a) Initial consultation – We gather your likes and dislikes, determine the function of the piece and the rough size.

b) Slab images – We look through several options together and work out a rough slab layout.

c) We’ll place the selected slabs on hold for you while we work on the rest of the details.

d) We’ll also perform further drying to ensure we reach the right moisture content for your area.

e) We’ll create a drawing for your approval. This will include base details, measurements, and the placement of any features such as filling or tidepools (rock pool with glass inlay).