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Custom Creation


Each piece is custom made.


This is the story of how we do it.

Ordering a Custom Piece

Creating custom art for your home is an experience.



We want to make sure we get it just right.


You can call or email us at any time and ask for image of slabs at certain sizes or with certain design elements and we will email you images of wood that we have available—you’ll be able to see the exact wood that will make your table top helping to alleviate some of the fear of purchasing a custom piece of furniture.


Please see below for an example experience.


a) Initial consultation – We gather your likes and dislikes, determine the function of the piece and the rough size.

b) Slab images – We look through several options together and work out a rough slab layout.

c) We’ll place the selected slabs on hold for you while we work on the rest of the details.

d) We’ll also perform further drying to ensure we reach the right moisture content for your area.

e) We’ll create a drawing for your approval. This will include base details, measurements, and the placement of any features such as filling or tidepools (rock pool with glass inlay).


Uniform Grade is typically straighter wood with a lighter colour. There are still some knot holes and figuring but usually less then 30% of the table top. Typically these slabs have a straighter edge and, though some filling may be needed, glass inlay or rocks is very unlikely. Character Grade means that more than 30% of the table top has lots of colour and grain detail. Typically character slabs have a wilder edge, filling and glass inlays are more common.

Uniform grade maple

Character grade maple


We use these terms to describe the layout of the wood in the table top. Unless we are using a single slab wide enough to suit your needs, we take two or more slabs from the same tree and match them to create the desired size. These two slabs can then be ‘joined’ with a lamination seam or shaped into a curvy form which lends itself to being ‘Gapped’ with a 3/8″ wide space between the planks. In this way, we celebrate the individual beauty of each huge plank.

Joined table top

Gapped table top

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