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To recap February we look back at latest creations, before and after project shots and release three ‘available now’ products.  Read along to find out more.

We’re thrilled to have an action packed recap as it means that the sawdust has been flying, the doors are flung wide open and our phone is ringing.

During some of our quieter moments in 2021 we invested in some advanced technology – Augmented Reality. Have you had a chance to try

out a table from our website in your living space using your cell phone and our AR technology?

If so send us a video or let us know what you think and you’ll be entered into a draw for a live edge charcuterie board.

Send your videos and comments to me at [email protected]

Take care,

Donna Shaw,  Chief Marketing and Sales Officer at Live Edge Design

TABLE STORY – Before & After

This “live edge” maple dining table was built 17 years ago and recently came back to us for a modern facelift.

This table was designed and built by owner, John Lore, and Katie who is now the head of our drafting department.

This was the very first use of the gapped design which celebrates each individual plank on its own merit.

The original live edge table, built in 2005, had very organic edges that suited the location of two people on each side of the table,

but in 2021 the customers decided to reinvent their space whilst minimizing waste.

With expert advice from Katie, we were able to redesign the edges without loosing the integrity of the gorgeous maple the second time around.

                 Meet Katie, expert draftswoman and Head of the Drafting Department


These matching river coffee table and dining table are available for immediate delivery!

Dining Table, 90″ l x 42″ w,  $12,456

Coffee Table, 54″ l x 27″ w, $6,467

All pricing is CAD and first come first serve.

Call us or email [email protected] if you have the perfect spot for one (or both) of these luxurious creations.

Think beyond the edge 


This beautiful barn door was made by our very own Todd McAneeley!

Todd is one of our talented woodworkers  and even has his own line of wood sculptures.

This gorgeous, handmade barn door with blue resin is available now!

38.5″w x 81.5″ h $5,722

– hardware included.


This Months


Cascading maple table is given a modern ‘edgy’ look with black resin.

Round maple tidepool table with Pentafusion base and stunning view.

We’re drooling over the grain detail in this recently made maple dining table. Follow our hashtag #woodgrainwednesday on Instagram to get droolworthy updates?