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Fine Wine, Fine Wood.

If a home has a heart, surely it is the dining table. A single place all inhabitants gather to plan or re-hash each day over a shared meal. Where every holiday feast is shared amongst family and friends. Rituals, and rights-of-passage; birthdays, bar mitzvahs, engagements and graduations. Here at least, religion, politics and rumor are not taboo over a shared bottle of wine.

Tastes and smells bring up the memories of a life built around the dining table. If those memories have roots at a wine tasting tour of the Cowichan Region (now an official BC wine region, Hurrah!) or at the experience of picking out and shaping the design of your dining table, the deeper the connection to our community. Imagine also, the depth and richness of the stories we would share in that space, over that bottle of wine.

Whether it is a bespoke dining table or a custom wine rack that, in itself is a piece of art, being a part of the process of working with local artisans can help you to curate a space for conversation, reflection and memory making.

Donna Shaw has been helping clients bring nature into their homes and work environments for 14 years with her role at Live Edge Design.

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