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As we wrap up  May and head in to June we’re excited to share some new product developments and new custom creations

(I’ve included a few surprises to challenge you to ‘think beyond the edge’). One of our creations even travelled as far as

Switzerland (which is further then any of us have been for a while!).

With 65% of Vancouver Islanders  having been vaccinated we find restrictions lightening a little.

For us that has meant more in person meetings at our outdoor meeting space and an increase in

enquiries from hotels and restaurants. How are things changing for you and what are you most looking forward to?

Take care, Donna (donna@liveedgedesign.com)


Our product development team have been working on outdoor dining solutions to weather the West Coast seasons.

Talk to our Client Care Team about custom designs for your outdoor dining space.


“We were so excited about the arrival of our Live Edge table, we tracked the package every day to see where it was.

On the day it arrived with a huge truck & the driver was perplexed as to what I could possibly have

ordered that weighed 248kg. When I told him I was Canadian and the table was from home, he asked

me why I’d have ever left such a beautiful and clean place. It’s a good question, but where I live is gorgeous

as well, tucked away in the dramatic Glarus Alps. It took 3 days to figure out how to get it up 4 flights

of stairs in this 16th century factory apartment where we live. It was comical trying to flip the table on my

own after assembling the legs (my god it’s heavy!), but we eventually got there. It was gorgeous. Imagine

my surprise when I saw the ‘meet the builder’ card and my uncles face on it! Then we saw the book with

the history of our table and the tree it’s from. As a boy from Duncan, the whole book made me homesick

as I haven’t been able to get back in 2 years and haven’t lived there in 25. Disposing of the crate was

an interesting experience including purchasing my first crowbar & learning the German for incinerator.

We’re incredibly happy with the service, the craftsmanship, the care and attention of the

sales team & look forward to this becoming a treasured family heirloom.  Thanks Live Edge!!”



A puzzlers dream coffee table with a hinged top which raises to lap height and built in storage for all those puzzles.

A custom chair, designed specifically for PEMF therapy.

Nita Lake Console table 2.0 in Oak

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