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May has made for a ‘wetter than usual’ Spring here on the Wet West Coast and the plant life here is loving it.

There is so much growth and bright vibrant green everywhere you look.

Keep reading to hear some of our favorite Spring activities in the Cowichan Valley, Word of the Day and more!

Please NOTE : Our sawdust bags are for sale daily by the dumpster. The price is now $4 a bag.

Please come into the office with payment before taking a bag.


Are you interested in working for a local company with the core values of quality, sustainability and relationships?

Join our family.

We are currently looking for a full time woodworker and a full time finishing and woodworking assistant.

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Article of the Month


Why outdoor living? Adding outdoor living spaces to your home are essential to enjoying every day life and making the most of what you have.

We live in one of the most beautiful places on earth – Vancouver Island – and learning to enjoy all it has to offer is one of the great joys of this life.

At Live Edge Design, we prioritize the health and wellbeing of our customers, so creating outdoor living spaces is very important to us in

both our professional and personal lives. In order to kick-start this desire, we created the Mimosa table and chairs.

With a weather resistant aluminum umbrella (complete with the ability to raise and lower on its own with the help of a

wireless remote control!) the Mimosa table is perfect for patio season. It’s a great way to spend your time outside, with

the bonus of never needing to move your patio furniture into the back shed for the winter. The chairs come with heated

cushions that are perfect for the cooler spring or fall nights to extend your outdoor living time.

Read the full article here! 

Word of the Day




  1. (in carpentry) cut away (a right-angled edge or corner) to make a symmetrical sloping edge.”a neat chamfered edge”


  1. a symmetrical sloping surface at an edge or corner.

A chamfer is essentially a beveled edge along or across a corner. Although the most typical chamfer is 45 degree this is not essential.

Chamfered edges can give a table top a very clean, crisp look and become a focal point in the overall style of a project.

Check out more of our edge profiles on our website.

Latest Creations

Cascading maple table with a straight edge of black resin, highlighting the curvaceous grain within the wood.

Maple river coffee table with polycarbonate river.

Walnut river dining table on our ‘Gorge base’ with river rock detail.

Sales Board


These gorgeous table tops have been put in the queue and are just waiting for some finishing touches, legs and a loving home.


Call us or email [email protected] if you would like one of these ready-made tables!

Art Maple Tidepool Table 80″ long x 42″ wide.

Art Maple with a ‘shoreline’ of resin. Available up to 12′ long and 50″ wide with your choice to resin colour.

Maple River Table 96″ long x 40″ wide.