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April 2021


We invite you to learn more about this latest one of a kind offering and to imagine what could be created.

At 21′ l each these slabs can be shaped together to create an impressive

18-20′ long table or, with their book matched twins, for up to 40′ long!

That would smash our existing record for longest table made (currently 36′)!


Shown below, sunning itself, in our parking lot.

These don’t look overly impressive until you realize that John was had to stand

on the roof of our studio to get these shots in our front parking lot.

After their first ‘facial’ they’re still looking a little raw,

with darker areas indicating rougher, unsanded surface areas.

But hiding beneath you can see hints of incredible grain below.

Can you spot the ‘crotch figuring’?

An area of wood that grew under immense pressure within the tree,

creating beautiful figuring. We’re not being lewd, it’s really a thing…

You can read more about ‘Crotch’ figuring here;


Watch the expanding table video here

The video above shows how an 8-10 person table can expand,

luxuriously and effortlessly to accommodate 24-26 guests.

At this point these mammoth slab of walnut could be anything…

A dining table or meeting room table…

Photo for inspiration only. This is a Studio Roeper table on 1st Dibbs at 14′ long.

Pictured above at 17′ long and a central river feature.


What would you create?

To discuss adding this phenomenal piece to your collection please contact Stephanie at

[email protected] or call her on  250 748 0763.