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At 105″ long x 65″ wide this walnut slab is single slab of epic width and would make a stunning round table.


Shown below, sunning itself, in our wood yard. The chalk markings shown are where John imagines a circular shape being made for a round dining at 76″ diameter.

After it’s first ‘facial’ it’s still looking a little raw, with darker areas indicating rougher surface areas. There is a dull colouring to the photo above that hides the incredible grain below.


Can you spot the ‘crotch figuring’? An area of wood that grew under immense pressure creating beautiful figuring.


This is the flip side.

The image above also shows holes and bark pockets, what we see as natural areas of interest that remind us of the ‘treeness’ in this giant single slab of wood. These could be filled with black, clear or coloured resin.


At this point this mammoth piece of walnut could be anything…

A dining table or meeting room table…


Photo for inspiration only. This is a Kate Duncan table on 1st Dibbs.


To discuss adding this phenomenal piece to your collection please contact

Stephanie at [email protected] or call her on  250 748 0763.