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Zapatero Slab wood. A set of slabs from South America with a tale to tell.


At 120 long, the two Zapatero slabs currently kiln dried and in stock at Live Edge Design are ready to be crafted into another one-of-a-kind creation.


Shown below, is Katie’s masterful rendering of the Zapatero pieces in a 120″ l x 44″ w dining table.

These slabs were salvaged from the bottom of the Panama Canal by using BC developed underwater tree harvesting equipment designed by Triton Timber.


The trees that grew these slabs were standing dead after being flooded more than 100 years ago. Being completely submerged has kept the wood in remarkably good condition. These will make a remarkable table and amazing conversation piece.


Read more about the history of the Panama Canal here.


Here are the two slabs (front and back) to inspire your imagination. What would you make with these pieces?

They are a deep red-brown color. Zapatero is a very hard and durable wood.


To discuss adding a phenomenal piece made from these slabs to your collection please contact Stephanie at [email protected] or call her on  250 748 0763.

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