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oneTree Exhibition 2017



oneTree Exhibition 2017

Live Edge Design & the Robert Bateman Centre present oneTree 2017. 

A fallen tree should never die quietly, never mind who’s around to hear it.

With the success of oneTree 2015, the Robert Bateman Centre and Live Edge Design have once again partnered to bring you oneTree 2017. We invite you to join us in celebrating the life of a single tree through the beauty of art.

The Tree

For over a hundred years a single Walnut Tree has been witness to the everyday life of residents on St. Charles Street in Victoria’s Rockland neighbourhood. The tree had to come down in 2016 due to safety concerns and will now be transformed by artists into one-of-a-kind pieces of art. Selected pieces will form the oneTree 2017, an exhibit at the Robert Bateman Centre from November 2017 – January 2018.

Home & History of the Tree

The neighbourhood of Rockland was originally a steep and rocky landscape full of Garry Oak trees and Camas flower meadows. It was described favorably by the first colonial land surveyor, Joseph Despard Pemberton, as a desirable place to live. In 1865 it became a subdivision and became popular as a site for homes of the new merchant class, the Attorney-General, and most famously the Dunsmuir family at Craigdarroch Castle.

Today, St. Charles Manor is a 53-suite senior care home run by Trillium Boutique Senior Living.

About Live Edge Design

Live Edge Design creates custom furniture from locally salvaged trees. The trees tell the designers and craftsmen their stories. The ensuing collaboration of materials, craftspeople, and customers culminates in the finest of functional art. Honouring the tree enriches those it touches on its journey. From sourcing the trees to drying, design, production, and finishing, it all happens at their workshop in Duncan, BC. See for yourself or visit online at liveedgedesign.com.


1 salvaged Walnut tree


50 Artisans

4000+ Hours of work

$100,000 Value Added Art

1 Phenomenal Art Exhibit


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See artists creating their pieces, read their stories and get excited for the big opening of the exhibit.

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