John Lore is the owner and founder of Live Edge Design Inc. who cares more for quality than profit and for sustainability more than growth. John is someone who doesn’t believe in "impossible". He is focused on delivering a message of real world authenticity and quality. He is inventive, persistent, nature-loving. John has been a businessman for over 30 years.


Donna Shaw is the President and employee-owner of Live Edge Design Inc. Donna has been with Live Edge since 2006 and has gained leadership training through Smart HR. Her extensive industry experience will help guide Live Edge Design into the future, staying true to the roots of our sustained success. Donna's commitment to exceptional quality and service will never waiver.


Katie has such a gift with design. With a foundation in the wood shop, she’s worked with John for 20 years, and been running the drafting department for Live Edge Design for the last 18 years. Her favorite aspect of drafting is helping people see their ideas become a reality, through beautiful technical drawings and plans. Katie is also co-employee-owner with John, Donna and Mike.


Mike describes himself as honest, friendly and hardworking. Mike has worked with John since 2001 and now proudly takes on the role of Wood Supply Manager. Mike studied Fine Furniture at both BCIT and Okanagan College. His favorite hobby is floor hockey, which he has been playing for over 30 years. "I LOVE hockey!” He and his wife are also hobby farmers.


Emily graduated from Vancouver Island University with a degree in Interior Design in 2021. Emily landed her position with the Live Edge Design Team as a Marketing and Sales Associate designing portfolios, selling furniture and assisting Katie with all the drafting duties. When not at work, Emily can be found walking the CVT with her dog, Mogli, or jumping circuits on her horse Hawkeye


Jake is our Head of Shipping and resident comedian. If you need someone to get a giant, heavy table across the continent in one piece and on time, Jake is your man! In his spare time, Jake can be found on the soccer pitch coaching his kids.


Todd has never taken a coffee break. When the boss tells him he must stop working, he simply starts to work on something different. Todd also owns a custom furniture shop and has a wealth of experience in building almost anything out of wood. Currently he makes wall art and mirrors when he runs out of Live Edge things to do. (website link).


Stéfane is our Assistant Shop Manager, with a background from Camosun College’s fine furniture program. He loves furniture design. Architecture and design are some of Stéfane's passions so it was a natural fit to start working with Live Edge Design. He finds it very humbling to work with salvaged trees, their size and their stories.


Originally from Edmonton, Colleen joined our Client Care Team in the Spring of 2021 and brings a passion for finding the perfect design for her clients. She has an incredible skill for listening, and understanding every need and desire to find just the right solution for customers. When Colleen is not in the office, you can find her on the golf course or hiking and e-biking all over Vancouver Island. She also loves to bird watch.


Jan is one of the longest serving employees. He has seen everything. The cool thing about Jan is that he’s a professional skeptic and a mathematical genius. If you’re going to tell Jan something you had best have some proof. His forte is that he can do anything – he could build you an entire house!


Cam is the Head of the Finishing Department.

Cam finishes each piece to a silky smooth touch

and creates custom color matching stains for projects. In his spare time, Cam lovingly repairs

and refinishes musical instruments such as violins

and banjos.


Liane joined our office team with an extensive background in purchasing and quickly became our Purchasing and Accounting Coordinator. If you're looking to find a happy-go-lucky person, she's your gal. When she's not in the office, Liane enjoys camping with her young family or hitting some fast balls in the Victoria Women's Softball League.


Ryder works in Finishing and Shipping; she enjoys working with her hands. It is Ryder’s responsibility to ensure that every piece gets inspected to meet our quality standards before leaving the premises. In her spare time, Ryder can be found crafting or working her way through the First Degree murder mystery book series.



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