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John Lore

The Boss who cares more for quality than profit and for sustainability more than growth.

John Lore is the owner and founder of Live Edge Design, and someone who doesn’t take “no” for an answer. He is focused on delivering a message of real world authenticity and quality. He is inventive, Persistent, Nature-loving.


Sharlene is Assistant General Manager and keeps the financial side of the business running smoothly. Shar describes herself as organized, particular, and a bit of a purist. She was born and raised on Vancouver Island and can often be found pouring over figures at her desk or scowling at the expense receipts.


Donna is the Marketing Director at Live Edge Design and the creative genius behind our website and some of our product designs. When she is not chasing her two small children around her hobby farm she can be found in the studio exercising her multidisciplinary marketing mind.


Mike describes himself as honest, friendly and hardworking. Mike has worked with John since 2001 and has studied Fine Furniture at BCIT and Okanagan College. Some of his hobbies include floor hockey, which he has been playing for 25 years,” I LOVE hockey!”. He and his wife are also hobby farmers.


Colleen joined our Client Care Team in the Spring and brings a passion for finding just the right design for her clients. She has an incredible skill for listening, taking on board every need and desire to find just the right solution for her clients.
When Colleen’s not in the office you can find her on the golf course, hiking, and e-biking all over our beautiful Vancouver island. Oh she also loves to bird watch!


Meet Emily. Emily graduated from Vancouver Island University with a degree in Interior Design in 2021. Emily landed her first design job with the Live Edge Design Team as the Communications and Design Assistant, designing portfolios for new and old products and assisting Katie with all the drafting duties. When not at work, Emily can be found walking the Cowichan Valley Trail with her dog, Mogli, or ripping up the countryside on her boyfriend’s ATV.


Jan is one of the longest serving employees. He has seen everything. The cool thing about Jan is that he’s a professional skeptic and a mathematical genius. If you’re going to tell Jan something you had best have some proof. His forte is that he can do anything – he could build you an entire house!


Jake is our head shipper and resident comedian. If anyone can get a giant, heavy table across the continent in one piece and on time then Jake is your man.

In his spare time, Jake can be found on the soccer pitch coaching kids.


Alice joined the Live Edge Team as a woodworker and quickly fit right in.  When she’s not busy creating beautiful pieces, Alice is assessing how to make working life better and safer along with the rest of the Safety Committee.


Todd has never taken a coffee break. When the boss tells him he must stop working he simply starts to work on something different. Todd used to own a custom furniture shop and has a wealth of experience in building almost anything out of wood. Currently he makes wall art and mirrors when he runs out of Live Edge things to do.


Ari is one of the most senior woodworkers at Live Edge Design and manages the woodworking shop and can always be counted on for a smile and a laugh.

“I have spent 20+ years working as a cabinet maker on commercial projects throughout Western Canada. I enjoy working on old, rusty vehicles in my spare time. I have lived on the island for the last 10 years and enjoy its natural beauty and sense of community.”


Katie has such a gift with design…taking a rough concept and creating a working drawing takes serious skills and lots of determination. This sounds like a fun, exciting job but it’s high pressure, every dimension and detail has to be triple checked for accuracy, strength and stability. With her foundation being in the wood shop, and periodic dabbling with woodworking since, she’s been with the Live Edge Design Team for 15 years, and running the drafting department for the last 13. Her favorite aspect of drafting is helping people see their rough ideas become a tangible buildable reality, through beautiful drawings and plans.


Stefane is our assistant Shop Manager, with a background from Camosun College’s fine furniture program. He loves furniture design.

“Architecture and design are my passions; it was a natural fit to start working with Live Edge Design. I find it very humbling to work with salvaged trees; their size and their stories.”


Cam is the head of the finishing department. Cam finishes each piece to a silky smooth touch and creates custom color matching stains for projects. In his spare time, Cam lovingly repairs and refinished musical instruments such as violins and banjos.


Ryder works in finishing and shipping and she enjoys working with her hands. It is Ryder’s responsibility to ensure that every piece gets inspected to meet our quality standards before leaving the premises.

In her spare time, Ryder can be found crafting or working her way through the First Degree murder mystery series.


Welcome to our newest woodworker Paul!

Paul joins our shop team and brings a huge sense of humour to our crew. Work-life balance is a mantra Live Edge Design lives by and it is this ethos that enable Paul to join on a flexible basis whilst also making the most of retired life with his wife.