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Mimosa Outdoor Dining Chair with heated cushions


Our latest creation; a cordless heated outdoor dining chair to extend your deck season from early Spring to late Fall.

The rechargeable battery makes these heated chairs completely portable and will keep you warm for 10 hours between charges (when set on highest setting)

The auto-off switch saves battery life and the indicator light tells you when to charge the battery.

The rust proof aluminum powder coated frame, weather resistant Solid Teak slats and outdoor rated cushion fabric make these chairs ideal for outdoor use.

Order in sets of 4 before July 15th 2022 for great pricing.

Delivered one week from ordering.

*Extend your deck season from early spring to late fall
*Keeps you warm for 10 hours between charges
*Battery saving auto-off switch
* Rust proof aluminum powder coated frame
* Weather resistant Solid Teak slats
*Outdoor rated cushion fabric
*Battery charge indicator tells you when you should charge the battery


live edge design warranty care information

live edge design warranty care information

Warranty information

It is our hope and expectation that your Live Edge piece of furniture will last for generations.
Wood cut in large slabs incorporates all of the features of the wood; cracks, bark pockets, knots etc.
The whole idea is to present the tree as it grew; therefore, these features are not considered defects, but
rather are celebrated as organic, beautiful and interesting features of the wood.
Live Edge kiln dries all of our wood and designs stabilizers into the tabletops to allow for wood movement
while keeping the table flat. Despite our best efforts, the nature of wide slab solid wood is that it expands
and contracts in varying ways with changes in relative humidity that are beyond our control.

Term of warranty

This warranty is good for 12 months from date of purchase (final invoice). Please keep your original receipt of purchase, as it will be your proof of warranty.

What is covered

Defective materials and workmanship in Live Edge Design manufactured products when they are used and cared for as intended. Please see our “care instructions” below.

What is not covered

  • Small natural movements of the wood:
    -Wood warping of less than 0.6% of width (cross-grain) of the wood surface.
    -Surface cracks less than 1.5mm (1/16”) wide
    -Deflection of resin fills above or below the surrounding wood level by less than 1.5mm (1/16”)
  • Electrical components and grommets which are subject to their own manufacturers’ warranties.
  • Stumps, “funky chunks” or slabs thicker than 4”. Even though these are kiln dried, there are often traces of moisture left
    deep in the wood. When this moisture eventually leaves, the wood shrinkage will cause further cracking in these cuts of
    wood. Since cracks in this type of piece are expected they are not considered a defect.
  • Damage caused by abuse or misuse.
  • Any wood components used outside or subjected to abnormal humidity or prolonged exposure to moisture.
  • Shipping damage, unless it is a packaging problem
  • Work done by, or damage caused by, 3rd party installers.

Wood movement is most often associated with swings in humidity. Therefore, try to keep relative humidity in the area of your
Live Edge wood furniture between 35% and 50%.
Storage, transportation or use for more than 1 week in conditions out of this range will void this warranty.

Making a claim

Contact us by phone or email to discuss the problem and make sure it is covered by warranty.
If the problem is covered by warranty, Live Edge, at their sole discretion, will repair or replace the piece of furniture either in
situ or at our factory. If it has to be sent back to our factory, you will be responsible for packaging (in the original crating if
possible) and shipping to our factory. Live Edge will pay the shipping costs to return the repaired or replaced furniture back
to you.

The thickness of the solid wood will allow for refinishing many times. Please feel free to contact us for advice if you would like
to refinish or repair it at any point in the future.