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Returns & Refunds Policy



Returns & Refunds Policy

Last updated: August 18, 2021

Refunds, Exchanges, Repairs and Returns

Live Edge Design will custom build your piece of furniture to your specifications, often from a specific piece of wood you have chosen. A service that is rare in today’s world!

It is important that you and Live Edge Design communicate thoroughly to have a full understanding of your desires, so you get the piece of furniture you imagined. Make sure you read and respond and correct any drawings, descriptions, or measurements we provide. Don’t be shy about telling us what you want before we make your furniture. Once a custom piece is made, it is not refundable.


Damage in Shipping

In the unlikely event that your furniture s damaged in shipping, we can process a claim against the shipper to pay for any necessary repairs provided that:

  1. You don’t sign for items with obviously damaged packaging. Your signature indicates that the package was received in good condition.
  2. If the packaging appears damaged, make the delivery service wait until the product is unpackaged and checked for damage, or refuse to sign for it.
  3. Whether or not you have signed for it, if you notice damage to the product upon unpackaging, contact our Client Care Team immediately.
  4. Keep all packaging in case the product needs to be returned.
  5. Take pictures of the packaging damage and the product damage to send to Live Edge Design.


What happens if something goes wrong?

 If you don’t like your custom furniture piece or it is not what you asked for or expected, together, we will try to determine what went wrong to find a solution. See example scenarios below.

  1. If we messed up. If we didn’t follow the plan that was agreed to and it was our fault, we will make it right through repair or replacement. If you kept the packaging and can make your piece ready for pick-up, we will cover the cost of return shipping.
  2. You messed up. If you gave us the wrong dimensions or some other detail. We will work with you to fix the issue at the lowest possible cost to you.
  3. We both mess up. Perhaps a communication error occurred, and we both miss it. If we are both at fault, we will try to find the best solution and split the cost.

In all cases where the furniture is unsatisfactory when it arrives to you, you should keep the packaging and contact our Client Care Team as soon as possible (5 day maximum).



 What happens if a failure occurs in the first year of ownership?

If a failure occurs in the first year of ownership that is outside the scope of expected wood movement and is not caused by misuse, wear and tear or improper climate control and is due to a fault in the workmanship or materials, we will repair or replace the furniture at our option and expense. The cost of returning the item shall be borne by the purchaser, the cost of shipping you a new or repaired item will be paid for by Live Edge Design.

Please see our full warranty here.



 You purchased furniture to last a lifetime, but time has passed. Stuff happens. You decide you would like your Live Edge Design furniture looking new again. Live Edge Design can give you a quote to refinish your piece or put you in touch with a refinishing service in your area.