The Wonder of Walnut Wood

Black walnut is one of our most popular wood species’. It is prized by many woodworkers for it’s

dense, hard, tight grain.


Walnut coloring typically ranges from light cream to chocolate brown with some blonde, or yellow. When walnut wood is cut into slabs, the lighter sapwood – the outermost part of the tree – can create a beautiful contrast with the darker heartwood, paving the way for gorgeous dining tables.


Walnut is typically sought after for its strength and coloring. As the only dark brown domestic wood species, walnut has a large following of woodworkers and fine furniture craftspeople.


There are many varieties of walnut trees, however, very few are native to North America. Most people think of walnut in its darker state, but some walnut trees can also show browns, purples and greys. Walnut works best with bronze or black bases to really help pull the darker hues.

One way to style your dining table in your home is the centered vase look. You can go the fresh florals route, or, for something much lower maintenance, pick a potted plant to create an asymmetrical and laid back space.

Another way to style your dining room with a new table is to center it in groups of three. For example directly in front of a window framed with some lovely drapes or blinds. On the tabletop, to create dimension, the three-vessel look is tried and true.

The key here is to have vessels of varying heights to sit casually in the middle of the table. Using your table as a focal point is crucial, and then building around the colors and hues that are presented. Tap into inspiration, see what works best with your lifestyle, and play with what you have.



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