Optimize your Home office for health and productivity

Optimize your home office space for health and productivity.

To create a home work space that is the best for your body and your mind. First; set the space. Second; set the pace.

Set The Space

Creating a space in your home that’s designated solely for work will help your body and mind separate the professional from the personal. Once you’ve decided on a space you can work on optimizing the space for health and productivity. Use wooden furniture wherever possible. Studies show that solid wood work surfaces reduce stress and increase productivity because of their warm and natural look and feel. Investing in an adjustable height desk can allow you to choose the most comfortable position. A standing working position can Increase energy levels, productivity and reduce back pain. Whilst sitting, an ergonomic chair will keep you properly aligned throughout the day. If you don’t have an unused guest room or a powered garden shed, use curtains, room screens or your own creative solution to help define and section off your space from the rest of the house. You have free reign over your home office so create space for soothing elements such as artwork, views, music or scents.

Set The Pace

Setting the pace is all about great scheduling. Start well by showering and dressing as if you are going into the office. Create a realistic schedule for your day and stick to it. Schedule your breaks, get up every hour and get outside at least once a day. Make time for regular meetings with your team, if only, to just check in. Schedule meetings with other telecommuter community members, there’s a large percentage of folks who have been working this way for a while. Donna Shaw works from home and helps clients bring nature into their interior design with her role at Live Edge Design. Donna is also working from home, successfully with two children.   Find out more about Live Edge Design's sit stand desk here.



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