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For some time now we’ve been inviting you to think beyond the edge and ask us to create solutions for you.  In this newsletter we are going to take you ‘over the edge’ and show you what our innovative team of designers and crafts people can do.

We are so much more than ‘Live Edge’.

In this issue we look at PORTABLE sneeze guard solutions; creating a safer way to buffet, as well as customizing the food service furniture items to appear seamless and of highest quality, ensuring the guest experience and the personnel usability is top of mind.

Together, let’s keep pushing the edge of design.

John Lore, President


If you are putting food service back on the menu and need help creating an elegant, safe serving space whilst preserving the experience, we want to hear from you.

Our chef cart, table guards and hand washing creations may be able to help.

To discuss your needs further call our Design Team, directly on (250) 748 0763

Sneeze Guards that can be added and removed easily.
rolling chef cart

rolling chef cart

 Everything a Chef needs in this rolling Chef Station.